Song Bowen


Born in Dandong. Liaoning Province. China.


Learned animation at China SAU in Shenyang,China.


Moved to Shanghai to work as a painting teacher.


Moved to Wutai Mountain to participate in the production of Buddhist murals


Moved to Osaka and Tokyo. Studied painting at Musashino Art University and received a bachelor's degree in art.


Graduated from Musashino Art University and entered the Graduate School of Art and Design at Musashino Art University in the same year.


Most of my creations come from some special psychological feelings in my growing environment. As the only child born in China in the 1990s, the period of social environment and social change from the beginning in the 21st century was as magical as a variation. This special period of time background had a great impact on me.The constant nostalgia for the lost time and the confusion about the future, as well as the conflict of the values of the current era, always bring me a special sense of contradiction. I always unconsciously go back and forth between concrete and abstract when creating. Kinship, love, friendship, loneliness and confusion will often appear in my picture. I enjoy the process of painting, where I always redefine picture content through the way of rotating canvas, like standing at the intersection constantly to make some choices, and then thr ough the picture and their own spiritual world collision, constantly to know yourself, to find the heart of the most unforgettable and most tangled fragments. I think that is the most special place that the times have given me personally.