Young Pioneers 2022. oil cavers 65x50cm

Confused boy 2022. oil cavers 41x41cm

2022 Romantic lover oil cavers 41x41cm

Attack 2022. oil on canvas 41.0x41.0cm

Drowning 2021.oil on canvas 91.0x72.7cm

Game 2021.oil on canvas 53.5x33.5cm

The contradiction of dusk 2021. oil on canvas 227.0x162.0cm

The joy of wasting time 2021 oil on canvas 227.3x162.0cm

After school 2021 Oil on wood 53.5x45.5cm

Exam paper 2021.Oil on wood 53.5x45.5cm

Good friend 2021 oil on wood 45.5x33.0cm

Bottom up 2021. Oil on wood 45.5x30.0cm

Karaoke 2021.Oil on wood 45.5x30.0cm

After drinking 2021.oil on wood 45.5x30.0cm

Drink comparison 2021 oil on canvas 53.5x45.5cm

Good friend 2021.oil on canvas 91.0x72.7cm

To Drinking 2021.oil on stone 25.5x15.0cm

Drinking 2021.oil on wood 45.5x30.0cm

Me and nature 2021.oil on wood 45.5x32.2cm

Adolescent simplicity 2021.Acrylic on canvas 116.7x91.0cm

Stray 2021.Oil on wood 45.5x27.7cm

Cheers to the 17-year-old 2021. Acrylic on wood 40.2x30.0cm

Adolescence 2021.Acrylic on canvas 116.7x91.0cm

Picnic girl 2020. Oil on canvas 135x135cm

Where did you stay 2021. Oil on canvas 227.3x162.0cm

Why do you feel unhappy 2020. Oil on canvas 91.0x60.6cm

No big splash 2020. Acrylic on plank 116.7×91.0cm+60.6×91.0cm

Kotaira city 2020.Acrylic on plank 23×23cm

Coastline 2020. Acrylic on wood 41.0×32.0cm

Convenience store 2020. Acrylic on plank 27.3×27.3cm

Night tennis court 2020.Acrylic on canvas 72.7×60.6cm

A Rainy Night 2020. Acrylic on canvas 60.0×80.0 cm

Crossroad 2020.Oil on canvas 60.0×50.5 cm

Park 2020. oil on canvas 41.0×41.0cm

Takanedai station 2020. Acrylic on canvas 170×60cm

Desire 2019 Oil 、pumice、gesso on canvas 194.0×194.0 cm

Carriage wheel 2019. Acrylic on canvas 91.0×91.0cm

Dogs 2019. Oil on canvas 72.7×72.7cm

Different since birth 2019 oil on canvas、 227.3×162.0 cm

Pillow 2016. oil on canvas 60.0×80.0cm

Big orange 2018. oil on canvas 130.3×97.0cm

Self-portrait 2018.oil on canvas 72.7×72.7.0cm